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Wednesday, April 06, 2005
So, I am currently wearing a real nice blue Ralph Lauren Polo shirt. Real nice. It fits me perfectly. I look real curvaceous. It is interesting that it fits so well because it’s a man’s shirt. And when I say “man’s shirt” I mean it once belonged to a man. Now it belongs to me.

At a formative age, one of my older sister’s friends, Lisa Watts, looked at me through wine soaked eyes and said “Girl, get something. Even if it’s a cd. Get something to show for your time. Cause, if you don’t, you end up with nothing.” Well, Lisa didn’t realize that she started a life long quest to get as many mixed cds from boys as I could. I could open up a mixed cd store. But, I would never sell them. I love each and every one of them. Also, boys love giving mixed cds. In truth the vast majority of the mixed cds I have gotten have come from friends. But, still I treasure them.

As the years past I would hear Lisa’s voice in my head. Especially the “Girl...” part. She really punched it. Lisa knows how to deliver a line. And the shirt I am wearing today is the latest addition to the stash. From this same guy, I have a sweater from Norway – Norwegian wool. It is super warm.

I guess I was a little deceptive when it came to the Norwegian wool and the Polo T. In both cases he was under the mistaken impression that he was getting them back. Really, it was an assumption on his part, but I didn’t correct him. Silly man.

Lisa doesn’t know it, but I have passed on that same advice to younger cousins and the odd young woman that I have come to know. There is something to be said for keepsakes and mementos, don’t you think?

Really, though, this Polo shirt is nice.

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