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Thursday, April 28, 2005
So, I am turning into a diet degenerate. Not only am I on the tiramisu program to fatty fatty fat fat, the other night I had a Dr, Pepper Float. A DR. PEPPER FLOAT! What the hell is wrong with me? Is a Dr. Pepper float EVER necessary? The damn intern bought poutine for lunch and now I want poutine. GrrrrrrrrMmmmmmmPoutine……

One of the other interns told me about Oprah’s diet. You exercise six times a week and you can’t drink. Well, you can drink regular liquids, but you can’t have alcohol. No martinis. Ouch.

That’s OK because my triumphant return to the YMCA is near. Really, I have only been away from the gym for a week and a half but lethargy is a seductive drug and I am just two evenings on the couch away from permanent potato-hood. So, I went to capuera last night and had a good workout. A good sweaty workout.

I don’t know why I let these things slide. I NEVER regret going to the gym, but if I have to take some time off because I’m sick (I was sick a couple times this winter), it is so easy to fall right off that treadmill. Mind you, I think Oprah is crazy and years of her yoyo diets have probably ruined her body to the point that she has to take drastic measures to make sure her weight is under control. Exercise six times a week? I have an idea, why not exercise to stay fit and have an otherwise active life and obsess less about your weight.

I went to a personal trainer once and I remember he said two things: “You are lucky to have legs like that – they are a gift.” As if I was going to forget that, I almost wrote it down and had it notarized. He also said “It’s obvious where you carry extra weight.” He meant my chest, ‘cuz I’m a busty bitch. He said a bunch of other stuff to, but I think I stopped listening. I am pretty sure his main lesson was “Not all women are supposed to be a size 3.” It’s a good thing because I stopped chasing that dream in high school.

Now I am just rambling on. Chances are I’ll have some ice cream after dinner – or maybe before.

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