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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
So, I think I have mentioned a couple times that I am currently reading a book called Rats by Robert Sullivan. Why would I want to read a book about Rats, you ask. Pure interest. This book is jam packed with interesting rat facts, stories about the building of New York City, histories of disease and development of flora and fauna in North America. I will not go on at length about the book as I hate it when people spoil books for me, however, I will tell you the main fact that I have gleaned from the book. It seems that from head to the tip of the tail, 24 inches is not an unusual size of a New York City rat. 24 inches, people. That’s two feet. The length of a small toddler. The tail is the same length of the body, a 12 inch fat rat body. It could kill your cat and some smaller dogs. You wanna piece of that rat? This blows my mind.

Since I really got into the rat book I have been looking for the tell take signs of rats everywhere. Mind you, I have no idea what I am looking for except for small holes in the ground and random garbage piles in alley ways. As some of you know I work in a basement below a restaurant. You can imagine my worry. As if the flooding wasn’t enough.

On a completely different note, it has come to my attention that IT&T has developed a crush on the nice Italian man that runs the café across the street (the café that makes the best tiramisu I have ever had – so good I wanna take a bath in it). I don’t know how I-Carrot-Top is going to take it. It has also come to my attention that I-Guscott is hung over AGAIN!

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