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Tuesday, April 19, 2005
So, I’m going to address three things on my mind this morning: Shoes, Jogging pants and Boys.


I have decided to totally give myself to this 27 degree day. I plan to love it. Are you surprised? Today I am a T-shirt having, pink short skirt sporting new sandal wearing lover of 27 degrees. If I were at home I’d be half naked by noon on the deck!

As I have decided to give myself to the weather, yesterday I decided to also give myself to a shoe store. Better weather = better shoes. I picked up a nice pair of mules and some cool sneakers (mules today, sneakers tomorrow).


As I was out walking along Queen St. yesterday evening, I did notice a trend that is indeed shameful among Toronto’s women. Friends, neighbours, sisters, pay attention here: Just because you have a Lululemon symbol on your ass that does NOT mean jogging pants are appropriate attire for wear in public. Just because Madonna goes to Yoga in them, does not mean you can wear them out to dinner. Also, once that style goes out of fashion, do you plan to go back to the huge grey ones that have elastic on the waist band and ankles? Jogging pants are jogging pants are jogging pants, even if you call them yoga pants.

Women in Toronto, I have been told by men visiting from smaller cities, dress very well. However, I think that Yoga and stretched the common sense right out of some of our heads. Why the jogging pants? Why? And frankly, most people asses look bad in them. Not bad as in you have a bad ass (although that hasn’t stopped some of the jogging pant wearers) but bad as in vulgar. Put your ass away. I don’t want to see it jiggling it’s way across University Ave. I don’t care what the sales woman at Roots told you. Your ass looks bad like that. There, I said it. Your ass looks bad. I had to get that off my chest.


Here is my usual warning about boys: They like to play. Play play play. I, on the other hand, do not like to play. So, if you like boys: BEWARE. PLAY PLAY PLAY! I also had to get THAT off my chest.

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