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Thursday, April 07, 2005
So, I’m sitting here with two of my interns. IT&T and I-Carrot-Top. They’re both so damn cute I want them to make a love connection, but I think they are both otherwise occupied. It’s too bad, because a little office romance would amuse me to no end. Although, I guess I can’t use other people for my amusement. I mean if I really pushed them, perhaps they could have an affair but that would cause a lot of drama, in their lives which I would find funny, but it would be real to them, so probably a lot less fun.

Maybe he could make her a mixed cd. Maybe she could steal his best Polo T-shirt. Maybe she’d dump him and he’d come sniffing around again a few months later. Maybe she’d let him sniff around because she had nothing else going on. Maybe, despite how irritating he is, she’d hang out with him a few more times – for old time sake. Then maybe she’d realize that he was always a dick. Who knows? This has nothing to do with my life – I’m just speculating.

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