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Friday, April 22, 2005
So, last night I had this ridiculous dream. It went like this:

I was at work (‘cause you know the only thing better than working in a stinking soggy basement is dreaming about being at work). I was at work and we had a new intern come in. I was a little confused because he seemed different, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Anyway, I’m working away (writing my blog, e-mailing my friends - whatever) when I notice that the new intern is slowly removing all his clothes. My bosses either don’t notice or don’t care but this guy was taking it off piece by piece. While working, I see that he is now only wearing a pair of what I like to call European Man Panties. Dark blue briefs. Strangely, I also noticed that he has a similar naked body as the former owner of my light blue polo shirt.

At one point naked intern comes over to my desk and points at the function keys on my keyboard. He points at F12 and asks me what that key does. He also points at F9, F6 and at F3. The only thing I had an answer for was F6 – save – but I don’t think it actually is the save key. I tell him I don’t know, but I refuse to look at him, and he’s kinda leaning into me - gross. When he finally walks away I see he is TOTALLY NAKED! Like 100% nude. I also notice that there is a major difference between him and the former owner of my light blue polo shirt. You know what I’m saying...

I guess I couldn’t take it anymore so I make a break for the bathroom where I find one long night dress hanging in a stall, a janitor, and two of my best friends, GRC and TG, who are also interns. It seems that they have also noticed the naked intern. The three of us go creeping back to the office – sit-come style - where, thankfully, naked intern has put his clothes back on.

That was the dream. I am 100% confident that it means nothing. Sometimes your brain just jumbles things up in your sleep and throws them out. The brain is a funny place.

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