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Sunday, April 17, 2005
So, most people don't know this about me but I have a secret dream to become a Soccer Mom. Well, not so secret now that it is on my blog. Although, I think Soccer Moms get a bad rap because so many of them wear elasticsed pants which accentuates their guts and scrunchies in their hair which only serves to highlight bad dye jobs. However, they are pretty awesome. I mean they get their kids to the game, they watch with pride, and they bring orange slices and water to make sure the kids are properly hydrated in the summer heat. How great is that?

Well, I play soccer every Saturday. And I love it. It's a great game. If our team had a Soccer Mom, it would have to be me. I always show up with a container of melon, or grapes or pineapple. In fact it is like I am a Soccer Mom in training. Except I don't have any children. But I can dream. Perhaps the next training step is to go to my little cousin's soccer game with fruit.

Mind you, I'd like to re-invent the soccer mom. Wile I will always bring fruit and water and I will be very supportive, there is no way I'd wear elastcized pants and I stopped wearing scrunchies years ago - those were dark days for my hair. I would also probably have someone else drive me and kids to the game and I'd most likely have a martini on the sidelines with me. In fact, I think instead of being a Soccer Mom, I'd be a Soccer MILF. I think the important part is the soccer.

That's right, a Soccer MILF! Could there be any higher position in the pantheon of sports parents? I think not!

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