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Friday, April 08, 2005
This will be my week's round-up post
1. So, has pink gone to far? I mean pink the colour. All week I have seen women wearing a lot of rediculous pink. Now, I like pink. I think it's pretty. And, I like the break from the Toronto uniform of all black from head to toe. However, things have gone too far when more than one person has felt compelled to buy a long bubble-gum pink coat. It just looks stupid. But, enjoy it for the three and a half weeks that it will be "cute". And rest assured. There will be that ugly mourning at the beginning of May when you pull that thing out of the closet and realize that, yes, this coat is damn stupid. And, you'll put it back.

2. There is this strange woman I see on the street car. She's odd. Anyway she wears north American style clothing every day - you know pants skirts shirts - whatever. However, for three Friday's running, she has turned up in a super pink - uber pink, really - silvakhamis (there is no way I have spelled that correctly). I am talking about those pants and shirt outfit worn in the Indian Sub-Continent, I guess in a few other places as well. You know the real long shirt, and close fitting, but not tight pants. She is not South Asian. Well, not to the naked eye. She may be and she may choose Friday to pay homage to her heritage. But, it is always the same outfit. And, I question her taste because the outfit is hideous and really I have seen some stunningly beautiful outfits in that style, but she chose electric pink. Mistake. It's not even good for her colouring.

3. Last night I had 4 dry gin martinis, two olives apiece. Between the three of us (I was at the bar with two friends) we had 11 martinis. That seems like a lot. The good news is that I am not hung-over. The bad news is that the waitress and a few other customers now have the intimate details of our lives. Why is it that when girls get to drinking and talking we have this no holds barred approach to conversation?

4. I feel that I should be paying more attention to the sponsorship scandal and Gomery Inquiry. I think it's getting pretty bad. But I also think we are talking about 2.2 million is mis-spent funds, but the total funds paid to that ad agency was 42 million. I don't know, I just skimmed the paper. I'll read up on it this weekend. Really I will. All this talk about it bringing down the Liberal Minority Government. Is it really that bad? 2.2 million isn't that much. I mean that is peanuts compared to the 5 billion dollar debt hole the Ontario Conservatives under Harris and Eaves built. If anyone can break down the sponsorship scandal for me, please do so. Try to be entertaining.

5. Speaking of entertaining, that new free paper, Dose, mis-spelled "Government" on their front page. And it is big too. They spelled it "Goverment". HA! It's their third or this issue. Good stuff. That's Journalism. And I just want to thank the people at The National Post for bringing us Dose. Because if there is one thing that this city needs, it's ANOTHER free paper.

6. So, the new book I am reading is called "Rats" and yes, it is about rats. It's great. Very well written so far. So well written it's kinda gross. I just read about rats attacking this woman in the street in 1979. Now, I am full of rat facts. Like, if you cut off the food supply from a group of rats, they will eat each other. Also, Rats have been known to kill cats, medium sized dogs, babies and pigs. Believe it. They are nasty, yo. I call the big one "Bitey".

That's all I got today. Sorry to bore you.

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