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Friday, May 06, 2005
DAMN, Secrets From Your Sister just called me at home to tell me that they have two new bras for me to look at. TWO NEW BRAS! How many bras am I supposed to buy? I'm only one human woman person. I'm not made of stone! Why do they tempt me like this? Why, Miss Anon, Why?

So, last night I went to Gypsy Co-op again with two of my friends. One of them had something like 6 vodka sodas. WOW. I had three gin martinis with two olives. Damn a martini is a good drink. The waitress really liked us and she remembered me from last time. Then after my first martini she started to put four olives in it. FOUR olives! Awesome. It was like my own special appetizer, although I had them all through the meal. That’s a total of ten olives. But, my vodka soda friend, Drunkie McDrunkard, ate one of them. Bitch.

I know what you are all wondering, and yes, I did manage to steal candy. The last time I was there I liberated an Easter Cream Egg, a candy necklace, a pack of Fun Dip, Chocolate cigarettes they SUCKED), fizz candies and a rig pop for my best friend because she was too busy to hang out with us. Last night I held back. I only stole another package of Fun Dip and some Popeye candy sticks. They used to be called Popeye Cigarettes and they had a red tip. But, alas that is now a ‘no no’. I was telling my intern about how easy it is to steal candy from Gypsy Co-op and then we reminisced a little about how fun candy was candy when we were kids. We both remembered the candy cigarettes that you could blow sugar dust out of so it looked like we were really smoking. However, she reminded me of the gum that mimicked chewing tobacco. There is no WAY that product remained on the shelf.

Man, those were the days.

So, did anyone ask the advice dude for advice? He can help you.

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