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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
So, I am thinking about taking a trip next February. I’m thinking the last week of February and the first two weeks of March. I will most likely travel alone. So, that means that I will go with G.A.P. or Trek or something. It’s my desire to go to Turkey and Syria. I hear the call of Istanbul and Damascus. After some preliminary research I see that there are not a lot of trips to these areas in February and March. Plus, heat is a must and the strange Belgian intern says that it is only about 10 degrees in Turkey in February. This leaves South East Asia. Sounds great, but it would cost a lot of haul my tail out there. Also, I could spend some time in Central America but my urge to smash the Spanish speaking patchouli soaked Canadian hippies from Vancouver who sip mate while wearing native Central American woven sweaters and bushy beards is just too risky. What’s a girl to do? People give me some suggestions.

Also, if you are a single handsome man reading this and you will have some time to spare next February and March you should come with me. Think of the fun we could have.

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