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Friday, May 27, 2005
So, I came in about an hour late for work today. I have to say it was pretty sweet. Standing outside the building was this deadly attractive guy who I ended up talking to. More like I couldn’t stop my lips from moving nor could I stop squeezing out sound so I stumbled over several sentences when really all that was required was “The guy from the restaurant wont be here until 11.” Never mind that he already knew this fact, and was happily reading dime store trash while basking in sunlight on our Adelaide St. curb. The cute boy is actually a new waiter, this is just some of the unnecessary information I gleaned while making an ass of myself. Picture me trying to negotiate my purse, coffee cup and tongue while bent over looking for the right key then attempting to un-luck the door. I’m like a gazelle.

This guy was surprisingly attractive. Well, it is a surprise that he was attractive to me. Generally I am not into his look. He is white haired blonde – I am talking almost Village of the Damned blond. But I guess there was something about him standing in the sunlight and his total indifference to my blather. By the end of my moronic monologue he looked at me in the only appropriate manner – like I WAS a moron, and I practically ran down the stairs into my office.

It’s a good think embarrassing situations don’t bother me. I bounce back easily as long as the embarrassment doesn’t involve bodily fluids.

Anyway, the weekend is here – prepare!

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