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Friday, May 20, 2005
So, I have been dreaming in French. I think it is my excitement for my impending trip to La Belle Ville dans la Belle Provence. Quand j’arrive dans la ville j’ame bien avec tout ma coeur, j’espoir il-y-a beacoupe des hommes avec les mullets qui veut m’ amoir. I don’t know if all that is French, I just know it was fun to type. So, how you like my French now, people?!

I’m having a very Toronto day thus far:

This morning on the streetcar this woman got on wearing a sweet pair of really tight jogging/biker pants. She had an ass the size of Los Angeles. She was carrying a brief case and based on her demeanor I think it was casual day at her office.

Then I saw about 4 Toronto-Blonds. A Toronto-Blond is a woman who, for some reason, is under the impression that blond hair is more attractive than their natural hair colour so they dye their hair some rediculous shade of white, and for some reason never get their roots touched up. These women are often the subject of everyone’s favourite game “Name that Eastern European Nation”.

I walked by a construction site while on my way to the café run by an Italian brother and sister duo. The brother handed me some excellent coffee. We had half our conversation in Italian. My Italian is in it’s rudimentary stages, but I hope to get better. While in the café I was ignored by two minor Toronto celebrities who work for the TV station across the street from my office. They were in black from head to toe. I feel like I belong here.

Then, I had a conversation with my boss about world music. He told me he was real excited about this CD he has. The artist is a former auto mechanic from the Congo who hooked his thumb piano up to an amp and plays this crazy techno-esque music while wailing away in the background. Doesn’t it make you wanna dance?

After work, I will be trapped heading eastbound on a packed highway with every other Torontonian escaping to Montreal or a cottage – I heard somewhere that the 401 is the busiest highway in North America (solely due to poor urban planning).

I wonder what else the day holds. I guess I could really go uber-Toronto and bash Vancouver while comparing Toronto to New York. But, that is just too critical for me.

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