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Sunday, May 29, 2005

So, I have never been a fan of watermelon. I know, people say I’m crazy. But, I just have never been all that interested in it before. Last night, in an effort to get on the watermelon band-wagon I decided to take Vijay and Nadia’s advice and try to become friends with watermelon using booze - a bit of a culinary lubricant, if you will. So, I poured half a 26er of Stoli onto a bisected melon and let it marinate for a few hours before our apartment filled up with party goers. I had to say, it was tasty. However, I still probably will not be filling up on watermelon any time soon, because I think for me to like the fruit it has to be drenched in vodka, and frankly that would not fit into my 5 to 10 a day plan of healthy eating.

Yes, GRC and I had a party last night and it was good fun. Once the last guests left and I locked the door, I walked up the front stairs and found GRC leaning face first onto the wall near my room. Poor thing, I had to turn her around and help her stumble toward her bed, well in that general direction, really, I think if she had fallen asleep on the stairs that would have been fine with her. I wouldn’t have cared where she slept, except that it would have been real funny for me if I woke up to find her curled up on the bottom three steps that lead up to her room. I don’t know how she got so drunk. Could it have been the watermelon, the huge gin and tonics or perhaps the Malibu Rum smoothies?

I of course maintained stunning control over my drinking. I spent most of the night drinking sparkling wine out of the Champaign flutes that Vijay brought – class act.

The thing about these parties is that we often end the night with more booze than we had at the beginning. Now, we have more vodka than ever and our fridge looks like we have just joined a fraternity. Well, a fraternity filed with guys who only drink premium beer. It’s pretty sweet. Now that the nice weather is here and we have so much beer, perhaps GRC and I can put one of our master plans into action. We came up with this one last summer. We will attach cans of beer to fishing lines and cast them off our deck. It will be a new sport. Boy Fishing. I think it will catch on.


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