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Thursday, May 19, 2005
So, I haven’t made it to the gym in a week. Due to the Great Capuera Drama, I didn’t go to class last night and because of a hang-over + rain I didn’t play soccer on Saturday. I am one of those people who feel the lack of exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those fit bunnies who prance around the gym in ridiculously short shorts exposing half their ass as they bed over the hamstring leg curly machine or whatever it’s called in the YMCA parlance. Nor am I the svelte goddess with the beautifully shaped arms looking perfect on the lat pull-down. No, I am not one of these women. I’m the chick sweating on the treadmill at 6:15am, in her modest three-quarter length pants while intermittently singing “Holdin’ out for a hero”. That’s me. I’m the one that goes from machine to machine and gets lost in the repetitive motion until my brain ebbs and flows into post gym euphoria. Like juissance – or so I remember.

I’ve been really lazy and I’m kicking myself for it because I’ve fallen in love with the tiramisu from the café across the street and now they are making creps. I will find no mercy there. Also, my constant pilfering of candy means that I have a full bowl of the stuff in my living room and last night I actually ate a pack of fun dip, AFTER I had a soft serve twist cone and a peanut butter sandwich … for dinner. I’m spiraling, people.

Tomorrow I am heading for Montreal where I will spend an entire weekend team drinking with two friends.

My big plan was to walk home tonight. A nice hour long stroll. However, my café boyfriend (in my brain, only) has invited me to their “happy hour” tonight. After work, they are giving away free cocktails and letting us taste their new evening menu. Do you hear me, they are GIVING away cocktails and free food! I have to go. I do, plus, perhaps the cute Director of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development at PureTracks/MoonTaxi will be there. I got a strategic partnership for him.

Anyway, when I get back from La Belle Ville – New Leaf!

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