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Saturday, May 07, 2005

So, I just had such a lovely day. This morning I caught up with some friends on the phone, spent some quality time with the obese cat, and drank coffee in every room of the house. Then Vijay made my afternoon with a surprise visit. We got some Vietnamese take-out and ate on the deck.

I love the deck, especially now that the weather is nice. I also love my neighbourhood. Everyone is out to play and says 'hi' when you walk by. Like Kensington Market, but most people are speaking Portuguese and it lacks that loathsome neo-hippy element.

I don't know if I have ever mentioned my neighbour Avril before. Probably not because I never see her during the winter and early spring and you know, out of sight... Anyway, she's in her 80's and a pretty cool old woman especially when you look past the crazy, or accept that she is crazy. Avril is originally from a small southern Ontario town called Chatham and is a descended of the first runaway African American slaves who made it to Canada via the Underground Railroad. She's interesting to talk to.

Recently GRC and I noticed that she often sits on her front porch with this random hot guy. He must be a care worker or something (I'd be asking for a sponge bath or a medicated rub down-down or something) but whoever he is Avril is only too pleased to chat with him over a cup of tea.

Today, while she was standing at the end of her walk-way, as she does, I thought I would introduce Vijay, as he's a good looking guy and Avril loves an attractive man. They exchanged pleasantries. Then, as I noticed she had her walker with her and looked to be headed down the lane-way I say to her "You gonna get some exercise, Avril?" and she answered "Yes, but, I'd rather be getting my SEXercise!"


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