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Monday, May 23, 2005

So, I’m back from Montreal and I gotta say, the weather sucked. It was cold and rainy the whole weekend while Toronto enjoyed clear skies and warm temperatures. I’m just real happy that the storm that made Montreal miserable has followed me to Toronto and we will now suffer the wrath of a storm front that had to spend the weekend in Montreal.

Anyway, I really feel that Montreal’s reputation proceeds it to a ridiculous degree. The stereotype of Montreal is that it if filled with beautiful men and women. I have to say I think that’s bull-shit. I think that every city is filled with beautiful men and women, but you have to be a traveller to notice it. However, in Montreal English Canadians are notorious for their drunken debauchery. That means that us English are easy for anyone. So chances are, if a drunk Torontonian guy is in La Belle Ville and picks up some hot chick and does her on Mount Royal, he’ll go home and tell his buddies that Montreal is full of hot easy women. Meanwhile that chick only looked hot through the beer goggles and she is actually from Richmond Hill.

While walking along St. Laurent, a group of mildly intoxicated boys decided to walk along side us and decided that I was a bit of a challenge mainly because I am sarcastic and somewhat bitchy. They were very young and from New Jersey so I asked if they were old enough to drink in the Garden State. In order to prove how old he was, one of them showed me his Princeton student card. HA! The guy showed me his student card. So I laughed at him.

Montreal was good.

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