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Monday, May 16, 2005
So, it’s time for a road trip. That’s right I have plans to get in a car haul ass to Montreal. Well, Montreal or Ottawa. I’m pulling for Montreal. My friend, the one who will be doing all the driving, has people in Ottawa. Really, she just wants to get out of the city and this I understand completely. However, while Ottawa is…well, Ottawa wins for the prize for being better than nothing, I can’t resist the call of Pont Champlain, Parc La Fontaine, et beacoup des mullets qui les Quebecios porter. Ah Quebec, truly an enigma. Home to both the country’s fashion divas and fashion disasters, there is nothing like La Belle Provence. The last time I was in Quebec, not only did I see a healthy collection of mullets, I also saw acid wash jeans and not in an ironic sense.

Truly, I would be happy with Ottawa. The canal is nice and I also have friends there that I love. And, of course, there is the tail. I love beaver tail in the springtime and you just can’t get it in Toronto. The best thing would be to leave Toronto at 2pm. We could pull into Ottawa at 7ish and pick up some tail, and then it’s only just over an hour to get to Montreal, chomping on tail as we drive.

The main reason I am excited about the road trip is the long weekend. I’m scrambling over here and could use a day off. It’s like I’m a pent-up pet, sharpening my nails at the door, screaming to get out. Somehow, I think the whole country feels this way.

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