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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
So, last night, during the Amazing Race commercial breaks I crafted a beautiful vanilla soy milk smoothie. So tasty. Smoothies are some of my favourite tings to make. This time I used Banana, strawberry and cinnamon. Sometimes I put in blue berries and if I’m feeling a little crazy – peanut butter. Currently I’m considering adding walnut to the smoothie. They are a soft nut that, I think, would blend up nice.

Wednesday’s are tricky for food because I have Capuera at 6:30pm and I have to be careful what and when I eat, because, frankly, if I eat too late, or too much, or something that is too heavy, I’ll see it again, know what I’m sayin’. No one should do cartwheels on a full stomach.

Capuera is good, but I may decide to quit. The work out is good, the people are fun, most of the instructors are good, but the issue I have with it is this: White Pants. It is a requirement that I wear white pants in class. See, I wore white pants for years in Taekwon-Do. Big white pants are not a real problem. However, Capuera requires tight white pants. And leave it to the Brazilians to make sure those tight white pants are of the ultimate low rise persuasion. That’s right, ultimate low rise tight white pants. Does this seem wise to anyone other than a Brazilian? When you are my colour (I like to think of my skin as golden honey), tight white ultimate low rise pants are an especially bad idea. You can see my skin right through them. I don’t want to wear see through pants (see through shirts, on the other hand…). And I have yet to find a pair of panties that are not plainly visible through them. Due to my golden honey skin, even white panties are out of the question. And you can forget about wearing lace. It’s an under ware dilemma.

Don’t even get me started on how the tight, white, ultimate low-rise, see through pants look on me. It’s special. You think the camera adds ten pounds... My Capuera group is full of women with awesome bodies. Not one of them looks half-way decent in these pants. None of the finely sculpted men do either. The only man who looks good in these pants is this super fit Brazilian guy, and his ass must have been hand crafted by Zeus himself, because really it should be cast in bronze.

Anyway, I have three weeks to make this decision. What to do, what to do.

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