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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
So, last night I went to meet the same friends I met last week at Gypsy Co-op. NT and Drunkie McDrunkard of Vodka Soda fame. Drunkie McDrunkard only had tea, very disappointing, but really who needs to have a bunch of drinks on a Monday night? We went to the Butler’s Pantry and I briefly considered slipping into Gypsy to snatch a pack of Popeye candy sticks as they are my new addiction, but I held back. You can all be very proud of me.

I got home in time to sit on my tail and watch a bit of “Women Tell All” on the Batchelor. Needless to say, I didn’t sit very long for Desperation TV. This Batchelor stuns me because he is about as attractive as Cro-Magnon man’s foot
Anyway, I then decided to check my e-mail and my friend sent me this link:
Yet another reason why I feel I belong in Brazil.

While on-line I got waylaid by the MSNing of two friends, both of whom live in the some city as me. I guess calling is just too low tech for them. But I have to say, that MSN business is like a casino. You get so wrapped up in what is happening and there is so much stimulation (a little bell goes off when you are writing to one person signaling a message from another person) that next thing you know you have been at it for an hour and a half. As I was MSNing I was also e-mailing another friend of mine. By the time I got to bed it was almost midnight!

Because I got to bed at midnight I slept in a little. Because I slept in a little I left the house late. Because I left the house late I got to the café late. Because I got to the café late I had to walk by the construction site while the guys were on break. Because the guys were on break, they had the time to tell me how they feel about me. Apparently I have a nice smile and they like my shirt.

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