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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
So, like everyone else in the world I find spam REALLY irritating. Terribly so. I am waiting for a certain e-mail. Waiting very nervously, so I guess ‘waiting’ isn’t really the best term for it. Let’s say that I’m like a starved miner perpetually a few steps away from prime rib. He can taste that meat as I can read my phantom email. But the spam, THE SPAM! You sign into your Yahoo mail and the landing page is so hopeful - “You have 1 new massage” - and the little icon of the flaming letter is so promising – I know you know what I mean – and with your heart in your throat you glance around the room ensuring your boss isn’t looking over your shoulder. The blood rushes through your body heating up your face just a little as you slide your mouse along it’s pad to the appropriate link and click “Inbox” only to find that Calais is now 25% cheaper on the net. Not the news you were waiting for. You don’t care in the best of circumstances. But today you want to scream.

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