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Wednesday, May 11, 2005
So, today and friend of mine and I have exchanged a few e-mails. We’re just bull-shittin’, chattin’ goofin’-off. In the last message he used the word “covet”. Good word, huh? It sounds great - consuming. Say it a few times: “covet” “covet” “covet”. He says that it is malicious to covet (“covet” “covet” “covet” – it actually feels nice in your mouth). I asked him if you have to covet something or someone that is taken or if you covet a single person. If I know him, he’s gonna look it up on an on-line dictionary, like Miriam Webster, and send me the definition or link.

He says that he covets, and I say that I pine. “Pine” doesn’t sound nearly as good as covet. “Pine” sounds really lonely and sad and sharp. Like a ding on a bell that is too high in pitch. But “covet” sounds kinda dirty and not necessarily lonely. Perhaps almost underhanded and a little devious and passionate, like you are burning inside, and expanding like you are willing to stretch your whole body out for the one you covet. Pining is something a martyr would do.

OK, he sent me the link (I know my Vijay):

Well, as of this day – May 11th 2005, I have decided to stop pining and start coveting. It may well not be a healthy choice. In fact I think that neither pining nor coveting are emotions that one should be courting, but since I am only human and have to experience one of them from time to time, I choose covet.

Honestly, say it out loud. It actually feels good “covet” covet” “covet”. It causes actual pleasant physical sensations.

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