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Thursday, May 12, 2005
So, today is a follow up on yesterday’s post about coveting. Wait wait wait, I’m overstating. It’s not about coveting really.

Last night after my capuera class (no I did NOT wear the white pants – I may not continue classes as the head instructor and I don’t get along so much and since the group had an extra special restructuring, the cost went up but the classes got shorter. Now THAT is value). But, it has a few redeeming qualities, one is called Luciano and the other is called Lucas, and the last one is named Quasie (see, I learned their names).

Anyway, Quasie is a junior instructor for the beginner class. Nice guy. He’s cool, but I never thought much of him. Well, last night after class, I mentioned that I was headed to this roti place down the street. The roti is good and it is owned by my Guyanese peeps.

Now, who doesn’t love Guyanese people? No one, that’s who. And who can say no to a good roti? The answer is obvious. So of course, Quasie came with me.

On the way to the restaurant he tells me that he is also Guyanese. THAT is why he is so good looking! We had a great meal and laughed until 10:00pm. And without prompting he totally read my brain. He said: “Jamaicans do NOT make good curry and roti.” Oh my god, I almost passed out. It’s true! They have no clue what they are doing. They only use curry powder – no jera, no garam masala, no nothing - so all they end up with is cooked yellow chicken. And for so long it’s like Jamaicans had a monopoly on roti in the city. For years non-Caribbean people thought curry and roti was bland, greasy, yellow chicken wrapped in a flat bread (which is fine for those of British descent, as even that would be more spice than they are used to – I have a theory that the Brits spent so much time marauding the globe because they were desperately in search of a decent meal. That’s why they held on to India so tightly. But I digress).

Now, this has the potential to evolve into an all out covet situation. Why? Because, Quasie has a girlfriend. Mind you, I don’t think it will because while I find him attractive – more so now that I know he is so funny – he is not so attractive in that special way that makes me wanna pin him to the wall in a back ally off King St, know what I’m sayin.

Anyway, that’s my story. But, clearly, if I’m gonna covet someone, I’m gonna need to work harder to find an object to place my affection on. Quasie was close. 9 points for Quasie.

On another note, Quasie and I plan to set fruit in a ridiculous amount of rum and sherry for Christmas cake this month. When I bring it home to bake a couple days before Christmas, my mom will probably cry with pride. CRY, I tell you. Then, I will achieve one of my life goals. I will win my family’s annual Christmas Black Cake Contest. In your face, Auntie Una!

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