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Sunday, June 12, 2005

So, I am avoiding getting into my own bed for one major reason, and I think it’s valid. There is no way I’ll be able to sleep. The heat has done a great job of leaching the energy right out of me, but in reality I have no right to complain. The person who invented air conditioning deserves some sort of prize. Cleary a super-genius, this mysterious person came up with a way to keep me cool while this spot on the planet is determined to heat up to temperatures here-to-fore unknown by Canadians.

I can’t sleep because I had a fantastic nap this afternoon and I think I took it too far. Really, I should have just gone down for a “Power 20” but instead I lazed in there for a good 90 minutes, maybe more. I guess I could get into bed with a book, but I have started reading “Cool: The Story of Ice Cream” by Marilyn Powell. God, it’s so bad, I think it may put me off reading AND ice cream – ok, I’m kidding…about the ice cream part. Ice cream, what a melt in your mouth topic, but she makes it almost as interesting as Stephen Harper’s hair. Powell’s book pales in comparison to my grade 7 journal, which is mostly about that cutie pie Dane Minns. Now there is a good read!

As the smog came damn close to killing me yesterday I have spent the entire day indoors (I’m going to start calling Toronto ‘Mexico City North’). I only left the apartment to go from home to car to Ikea to car to home. I swear to you, I think they actually sell children at the Ikea in Mississauga. At the front doors there is some sort of enclosed Plexiglas apparatus/fort thingy that they have actual children stuffed inside of, like they are on display, it’s weird. Ikea’s in-store marketing is amazing. I think it is designed so that real living children can unwittingly become part of the display. Random parents can look down and think, ‘wow look how cute that random kid looks trapped in a giant corduroy bean bag!’

Anyway, I guess it was actually Ikea and not the heat that bagged me. GRC published a paper in an academic book recently, I think I’ll read that again to restore my faith in prose. I already read it, but the last few weeks turned my brain to mush.

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