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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
So, I quit my job yesterday. Even when your job is dissatisfying it is difficult to quit, unless you have one of those ‘take this job and shove it’ moments and you walk out the door with nothing but a coffee cup, your day planner and the intention to take legal action. I had to give notice to two bosses. Both men, but that is the only trait they have in common. I told my one boss at the café across the street over lunch. A ‘we need to talk’ lunch, a break up lunch, a please don’t flip out or cry lunch. Anyway, he took it OK. I explained my reasons – not all of them as we would still be there. My other boss said “I don’t like to loose you, Deborah.” I’ve been working here for two years and that was the second time he has ever said anything about my performance on the job.

Part of me wishes I could have left in a blind fury shaking my fist and screaming “This crap ain’t worth it” but, although it’s true in my case, I just can’t behave like that and those moments are only glorious at the picture show. In real life people just think you’re crazy and then you become one of those 1001 office stories that your co-workers tell their friends with responses ranging from “That’s awesome” in reference to the scene of it all to “That chick is nuts” in reference to the star of that scene. That’s a pretty tight range. No thanks, I’d rather be the office bombshell who is actually the smartest person in the organization.

So, I have a new job lined up at a new magazine in a new city. Montreal ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Well, that’s not true. Montreal is the North American capital of debauchery and the national mascot of sin, but I felt I had to talk as if I’m gonna take the city by storm. I may not run the city, but I can sin and use Catholic based swear words like the rest of them, so I think I’ll fit in just fine.

My last day here is June 24th. How am I actually supposed to work until that day? It’s past 11:30 and for some reason, I don’t think that making spa appointments, talking to my mother, and blogging are really the most important aspects of my job. However, my mother and I will be getting pedicures and perhaps manicures at a spa on Friday at about noonish. I administered that beautifully.

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