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Sunday, June 19, 2005
So, I’m at my mother’s house watching The Godfather II. Good stuff. My mother and I played cards earlier and she beat me…again. I know she has been playing Rummy 500 for much longer than I have, but shouldn’t she be turning senile by now? Mom and she sharp mind. The thing with games is all you have to do is keep playing. When I was in high school and living at home. We played all the time and I’d school her.

It is funny being at home. She’s in her bedroom and I am in the basement. I think that she just likes to have me in the house. She just likes to know that I am in the basement watching her ridiculous amount of TV and eating upwards of three pieces of lemon meringue pie.

She's so cute, she just asked me if she missed the part were Freddo is killed and she said that Michael had a choice to be a better man. We agree that the scene where Freddo dies is sadder than when Sonny dies in the first movie.

In about an hour or so, I am going to go see my friend Phil. One of the few friends I still have from high school. My mom LOVES him. It is her not so secret dream that Phil and I will be joined in holy matrimony. My mom kills me.

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