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Monday, June 20, 2005
So, it is the start of my last week here and I have some stuff to do. I’m at the foot of this mountain of work – OK, considering what my office is like ‘mountain’ is not the best metaphor, it’s trite and boring besides. I guess I’m feeling more like the Tim Robin’s character in Shawshank Redemption just before the great escape. I know I will be free once I get through the rivers of human waste that lay below the structure that imprisoned my body and almost stifled my soul.

That may sound a tad dramatic, but in all seriousness a couple months ago, looking at one of my interns – the Ramjass – I thought to myself, I used to be as bright and optimistic as her. Then my editor actually said the same thing.

How am I actually supposed to work in this condition? Why can’t the rest of my sentence here be served in half days with time off for good behaviour?

Interestingly, my boss posted my job which I saw this morning. It looks like they are going to hire someone at the same pay to do only one aspect of my job. Do I have a right to be angry about that? No…seriously, do I have a right to be irritated? At the same time, what can I do? I’m leaving.

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