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Monday, June 27, 2005

So, today is the first official day of packing and I’m off to a great start – kinda. I mean I booked a van and changed my address with my banking institution. I will also call Bell to change my cell number – that should be an orgy of inefficiency – I’ll be on hold for about 15 years, by the time they actually talk to me to get my request. I predict a number of problems that will not get straightened out until the second of my unborn children are filling out her or his university applications. But, perhaps I am pre-judging.

In terms of actual packing, I mean the actual act of placing various items in boxes or containers, I have a goal. By 6pm, I will have packed up everything from the back room, kitchen and bookshelf. Luckily I have very little – at least that is what I think. Anyway, I think that is a reasonable goal. I also plan to toss out a number of things that I have been holding on to.

The first things to go were a bunch of old letters that I had been keeping. A lot of them were written by people I no longer see or have any contact with. Some of them were written by people I don’t even like anymore. So, in the trash they went. I plan to be similarly ruthless with my old clothes.

Just in case any of you are in any doubt, packing sucks! The funny thing is that as much as I dislike this stage of the move, it is still better than being at my old job.

Anyway, I’m slowly realizing that 6pm is just a little over 4 hours away. I gotta get myself to the Dufferin Mall to get some boxes – hurray! The Dufferin Mall, now there is an institution that I will miss.


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