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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
So, across the street from my office is a coffee shop, a chain shop and they do serve the best coffee I have ever gotten from a chain coffee shop. It’s deliscious, I’m sipping it now. So tasty.

Anyway, there is this woman who works behind the counter who looks so familiar to me it makes the coffee buying experience a little uncomfortable. As she looks familiar to me I believe I am familiar to her and the first time we saw each other, both unable to place one another, we started our barrista/patron relationship off with a little animosity. How dare we not recognize each other.

Every morning I go in there and think, ‘is it that she looks like my cousin?’ Also, strangely, the first time she saw me she instinctively spoke English before I even opening my mouth. I had heard her speaking French earlier. Her French is perfect – as far as I can tell. Maybe it was because I was a new face in the café. Perhaps it was because my armpits were clean-shaven. Who knows? But she immediately reverted to English, which sound like her first language.

I’ve been going in there for two weeks now and I think he have settled into a nice barrista/patron relationship. Mind you, things will have to come to an end when I finally get a coffee maker. Their coffee, scrumptious as it is, cost two bucks a cup. I’m not made of money.

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