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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
So, I think I have the chance to start an affair with someone, but I don’t know that it’s a good idea. Mainly because we’d be under a time constraint. The affair would have to start, go full-blown and be over by mid August. The positive aspects of it would be 1. some fun in the summer, 2. the intrigue and drama of it all, and 3. the blog potential is astounding think of how interesting this could be. These are all great things but really, is it worth the bother? For what will amount to – let me check my icalendar – 19 days of fun (provided I start like RIGHT AWAY ) I would have to manipulate my whole social calendar for this one guy and I don’t really have the time. My friend, Sheannangins, is coming to town this weekend and Vijay and GRC are heading up the next weekend. The weekend after is my birthday. Really, I think it’s more trouble than it’s worth. But, that said, when someone presents you with a free box set of the Chappell show or the complete season 2 of Six Feet Under and you don’t have HBO you kinda want to find the time. Know what I’m sayin’?

Well, I think I’ve made my decision. I can still flirt, right?

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