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Monday, July 11, 2005
So, I think that one of my goals here at my new job is to become solely responsible for tech support. At my last job I worked on a Mac and PC, but largest part of my job was on PC. Now that I have been on a MAC full time for less than a week, I think I’ve mastered it’s more acute functions and I am ready to be full on tech support, I may even consult for other companies.

Just a few minutes ago I got the newest employee’s Mac up and running, I installed the programs and I set up his email. I practically have an advanced degree in computer science now.

Speaking of totally attainable goals, inspired by a friend’s decision to start running outside and the fact that he is actually doing it, I have decided to take up outdoor jogging. I already know my limits and there is no way I will actually run outdoors past mid October so it’s now or never. Once it is too cold to run alongside Lachine Canal I will join the hordes of people at the gym, perhaps the one with the huge windows above the stores along St. Catherine. This evening, in the cool dusk air, I will go for a short run. Wish me luck.

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