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Wednesday, July 27, 2005
So, last night I had a hilarious conversation with one of the interns here. He’s like 22 years-old and I rarely get to enter the mind of a hard drinking, rarely bathing, sex hungry 22 year old boy. Let me tell you, it’s a labyrinth of desire and rye. Sex is the only thing on this guy’s mind. There is no greater pursuit. Why waste your time with anything else? He took a sublet with three girls because he wanted to “Get laid every night.” Alas, his ploy did not work out as he did not become an apartment sex slave/stud muffin as expected. He’s so funny because while he is anti-romance as many 22 year-old guys are, he also says “I won’t even think of dating a girl unless she’s someone I could marry.” I guess he has to know it’s love before they even go to dinner. His hilarious all or nothing approach to relationships is a common sentiment, I think. Not only that but it is totally romantic and belies his ‘only sex all the time’ credo. To think he could meet a girl and decide right there and then, she is the woman of his life. Well, that’s got a love-at-first-site element and what could be more romantic than that?

Now for the sweetest part of the conversation: When his internship here ends he will head back to Winnipeg where his friends live and he misses them, the parties the drinking the debauchery, it’s all there for the reveling in. Then he tells me, this boy from Winnipeg, Manitoba tells me as we walk down the streets of the Pussy Parade that is Montreal, “Oh, the girls in Winnipeg…” He even paused for effect “…they are so pretty there.” With his eyes closed he tilted his head back slightly like he could see them in the distance standing under large fully green trees or running toward the lake in the summer. He looked that special combination of blissful and hopeful. The kind of look you only see on a kid moving from one dessert to another. What hometown loyalty, what allegiance to his prairie town. His love for his hometown mingled with his desire for women was almost nostalgic. He wants to go home for the pretty girls. It’s like a World War II epic from the 50s’. Nothing could be more sweet.

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