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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
So, last night I was watching some TV and I saw two commercials that really just make me want to scream. First the commercial for Deliscio microwave pizza. I hate this spot. It is the one where there is a couple in a kitchen and the pizza is in the microwave and the guy has one of those things that removes pizza from a proper pizza oven with a long handle. He ends up knocking over everything in the kitchen because he’s too stupid to remove the pizza properly. I simply don’t understand why men and women everywhere aren’t insulted. My God it is 2005. It is like we have gone from thinking that women’s place is in the kitchen due to nature to women’s place is in the kitchen because men are incapable of doing anything correctly. I guess women had better continue to bear all the domestic responsibility before men burn their houses down? Grrr

The other commercial really makes me wretch. I thought that since I left Ontario I would be free of the single most irritating commercial in Canadian Television history. Then I noticed that Marine Land actually runs a national campaign. Lord, help me. It caught me totally by surprise. I was not paying attention to the TV and then I heard that irritating song that repeats in my brain in nightmarish regularity. Marine land must have an advertising budget larger than most beer and car companies! I couple years ago I noticed that at a certain time of day the Marine land ad ran during every commercial break for a period of three hours. It made me hate the belugas, it made me hate the killer whales it made me hate the children, but above all it made me hate Marine Land.

Aren’t posts about TV riveting?

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