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Sunday, August 21, 2005
So, as it turns out I was right about Babette, ma petite Babette. I’ve been played. She bamboozled my emotions and hoodwinked my sentiments. That’s not to say she has left my terrace and I dutifully put out some food and water for her this morning. She sat sweetly beside her bowls and ate her breakfast.

I say she bamboozled me because last night I went down stairs to warn my neighbours, Dean and Sonia, about Babette’s frequent forays into my apartment if I leave my door open. I knew the same would happen to them if they leave their door unattended.

Well, as it turns out, the cat I have been calling Babette, my neighbours have been calling Chimaxo-Squeamish (or something like that – it’s Cree for “Little Pitiful One”). The day before I found Babette on the terrace, she found her way into their place. They also bought her food. They also lavish her with attention. The cat is smart.

Now, Dean and I have been discussing building a little insulated cat-house for Babette Chimaxo Squeamish under the steps for the winter. I don’t want cat hair and Dean is allergic but the cat needs somewhere to stay.

The thing is that she has obviously been taken care of. She is groomed and Sonia checked her ears. The cat is healthy and belongs to someone. She is just a little too skinny. Right now the goal is to fatten her up a little. Based on the amount if food she gets from us, she’ll be a plump little one in no time.

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