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Tuesday, August 23, 2005
So, the Babette saga continues. It’s like the American Idol franchise. There is no end in sight. Little Babette has done a pretty good job of talking up residence in my house. During the weekend she only tip toed around the floors and poked her nose in some cupboards. Last night she fully stretched out on one of my leather chairs and early on in the evening, I found her on my bed. Ah Babette.

After work yesterday my coworker came to my place to take a look at the little one, because she wants a cat more than anything. Now, I have been feeling the pressure to keep Babette, mainly from a friend of mine from Toronto who is being pretty adamant. He is telling me to keep the cat. He is telling me to be nice to animals. He is even telling me that cat food is cheap. And while I agree with all of these statements I still don’t know if I am the best cat mom Babette could have.

Oh This Just In

My coworker, Laura will indeed be taking Babette. However, Babette has to live with me for another week and a half. Perfect.

The Babette saga closes.

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