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Friday, August 26, 2005
So, I am a little particular about my hair. I am a little particular and a lot vain. When I moved to this neighbourhood I noticed a large Haitian community. I was glad because I thought that when I need to replace my hair products I could easily find the product line that I use or something similar. I also thought that I could easily go somewhere for a trim when needed. Well, I was totally wrong.

First, the African store down the street doesn’t carry the products I use. Not only do they not carry anything similar they have an array of products that I have never EVER seen. Strangely, they carry a full compliment of skin lightening soaps, creams and solutions that I have only heard rumour of. I can’t believe they still make those products, nor can I believe anyone could find them to sell. Who buys that stuff? Last week during a hair oil emergency I had to but a SUB-standard hair oil. I hate it. It’s upsetting.

Anyway, I need a trim and there are two places near my house. One does only guys, so I can’t let them anywhere near my hair. The other is for women. But they seem dedicated o fake braids and weaves. Still, I figure I gotta go somewhere, and I really need to get it done. So, I walk in there today and ask if I could go in tomorrow and get a wash, blow out and trim. The woman who runs the place has what is quite possibly the worst weave I have ever seen matched only by her attitude. Looking at me like I’ve just stolen her rich rich boyfriend, she says that I can come in at 11:00 AM. Fine, but I gotta be down town by 3:00 PM and let’s face it, black hair salons have a rep, you gotta have a lot of time. So, I ask her if three and a half hours is long enough. Well, did I ask the wrong question? While rolling her eyes and resting her hand on her hip the woman says “Well I don’t know, I don’t know if she will be here to help (she motions to the woman standing over a tightly braided scalp). But I do know I can’t do it before 11.”

I’m thinking to myself that since the woman who may or may not be there to help is STANDING RIGHT BESIDE HER why not ask if she is coming in or not. I’ve gone in to make an appointment and all I get is attitude. I mean it’s like she is not even looking at my hair. I have a MASSIVE head of hair. If the hair dresser is good, I’m a freakin’ gold mine. If you carry the hair products I use, I’ll be in there weekly. I will buy four different hair oils at the same time. I pick up conditioner by the tub on the regular. I need a new brush and it has to be a good one.

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