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Wednesday, August 03, 2005
So, I am wearing what is perhaps the best bra in my collection. Strange thing about this bra, I don’t often wear it. I think it is because it’s purple. I also think it is one of the nipple offenders – in that you can see my nipples if the shirt is sheer or white. But, I can’t deny it the fit is divine. I look down and I am enraptured with my own breasts. The bra is almost perfect.

It may well be getting tighter by the minute as I am currently having what I call, “The bottomless Pit Day” or BPD for short. The BPD is that special day in my cycle where I eat and eat and eat and never get full. Today I had my proper breakfast of granola, fruit and yogurt, then I had a scone about an hour later, then I had noodles for lunch – a decent portion at that – and then I had a muffin and it is only 3 right now and I am so hungry I could start gnawing on the intern to my right.

Why was this day made and how do you not succumb to it? It’s not even convenient. Like, it never falls on Thanksgiving or Christmas or Easter or any other sacred or secular occasion where my family decides to make enough food to feed all and sundry. NO no, I need to eat my face off on some random Wednesday for no good reason, rely on cheap take-out Chinese, pre-packaged muffins, and day-old pastries. I have no gobs of home cooking to tuck into. There is no sugar daddy waiting to take me to some fine dining restaurant (is there ever?).

I think it is making me loose my mind because I just saw a painting of a fat baby and the first thought that came to mind was that satire by Jonathan Swift, a Modest Proposal. He came up with a plan to end starvation in Ireland. I wonder if my BPD would be too trivial a problem for him.

The BPD day will soon be over and I will be back to normal. Until then, I have plans to go to a BBQ after dinner.

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