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Saturday, August 13, 2005
So, I`m at my friend Michelle`s place this morning. Last night she made me dinner and a cake. And when I say `she made it` I mean she made the money to buy the pre-made lasanga and key lime dessert.

It was tasty and she was so tolerant. I demanded Chinese hor douvers (I don`t know how you spell that), an Italian main course and two bottles of wine. We stayed up late and talked until the wee small hours of the morning. Ok, we`ve both had stressful weeks, so we talked until about 12:45 then we passed out. Good times.

However, at about 11:30, it was the moment I have been waiting for since my friend Toni`s 30th birthday. She presented me with the panties. My friends and I have a tradition that when one of us turns 30, we get panties for our birthday. It started with Toni because that girl needed a panty intervention. So it was kind of a joke. But, it caught steam, and I love it.

I love my new panties. I`m gonna put on a pair right now. Not that I`m not wearing panties as I write this. I`m just wearing yesterday`s panties, that`s all. I mean I am also wearing other clothes, I`m fully clothed, in fact. I just have to put on fresh under ware. Ok, I`ll stop now.

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