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Wednesday, August 10, 2005
So, last night I got home just in time to see my favourite soap, Terra Sperenza. Yes folks, Quebecers all over the province can watch Terra Sperenza at 6:00 pm weeknights. You can imagine my bliss when I first found the Italian dubbed Portuguese soap that chronicles the building of Sao Paulo Brazil. Oh, intrigue, passion, drama, and Italian as a second language all rolled into one glorious hour of television set in 1900.

The film language of soap operas breaks down any and all linguistic barriers. I may not know exactly why Paulo was on trial, but I know that the verdict really matters to the older woman clutching her purse (his mother) and to the younger woman clutching her chest (his wife). I know that there is a deep dark secret in Annabella’s past that is keeping she and Marco apart. I know that Dominico’s wealthy family expects him to marry Maria but he secretly loves the maid, Antonia.

Whether it is Terra Sperenza, Mujeres Apaxionadas, or The Days of Our Lives, I think that these soaps have really done a number on my generation and what we expect from relationships. So many of us see the drama and intrigue on screen and expect that in our own lives. Combine that with your regular fear of commitment/intimacy and we are done.

How many people confuse drama for romance? I know I do. I’ve seen people create a drama that exists totally in their head so that their personal lives and more closely resemble something out of The Young and the Restless. Are we ever going to stop this madness? I hope so, because I’m tired.

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