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Saturday, August 20, 2005
So, Montreal is full of surprises for me these days. The latest one has to do with a little creature that has found her way into both my apartment and my heart. I came home from the market to find a small and slim tan, grey and black cat sitting on the terrace.

Sweet and quiet she looked at me and I immediately began the search for something to feed her. This makes me wonder if she is begging to be domesticated or if she is just manipulating me. Knowing that the purring and cuddling will get her food. Perhaps she lumping me in with the rest of the neighbourhood. Well, if that’s the case, consider me lumped. The cat is hardcore adorable and I have just returned from the depaneur with a bag of Whiskas.

Right now Babette, I have named her Babette, is slinking around my apartment and it looks like she may like to spend time under my bed. Alas, I cannot have a pet, I am too irresponsible and I have promised my landlord that I will not get one. Plus the thought of cat hair covering this small 3 1/2 size apartment is not a pleasant one.

She can hang out with me, although. It’s raining out and she may get hungry again later.

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