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Thursday, August 04, 2005
So, this morning I was sleeping soundly, sleeping very comfortably in my bed. I don’t set an alarm, my brain just knows when to get up in time to get ready for work. As a result, I always get up fairly peacefully. It is normally accompanied by a large yawn and a stretch and then I turn to look at the clock that almost always says 7:22 am. Then I smile and flop back down to catch the extra 8 minutes that feel so sweet. You bed always feels the best just before you have to leave it.

This morning before the yawning, before the stretching and certainly before 7:22 am I woke up with a huge crash bang boom! It was 6:45 am and this was the time city workers chose to clean up a small construction project going on across from my place. I think they seriously tried to make it as loud as possible. The noise would rise in irregular intervals and when I thought it was over it would pick up again with the sound of metal dragging on concrete or the klang of a hammer on some sort of steel pole.

Guess when the noise stopped. That’s right, at precisely 7:30 am the truck drove away. I think I was personal.

I don’t know why I am surprised; my life seems to be teeming with construction. The building I work in is being remodeled. Everywhere I go I hear the building and ripping apart of streets or structures. I guess Montreal is doing well. But, why so loud?

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