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Friday, August 12, 2005
So, today is my special day. The office is going for a special picnic in my honour. The fact that we will be leaving the office at 2:00 PM and drinking wine at the foot of Mount Royal probably has nothing to do with everyone’s excitement.

I just got back from an office jaunt and for some reason a childhood memory flashed through my brain. Growing up, I didn’t often see my parents enjoy each other’s company. But, my favourite memory is of the two of them kissing after a party. As is the Caribbean tradition, my parents would have these big parties and all their friends would bring their kids. My parent’s bedroom would fill up with about 50 random children – well, in my memory there are about 50, in reality, there was probably less. We’d all sit around watching the Thriller video and the older kids who liked to make up stories would tell us about the time Kool and the Gang went to their house for dinner. Sure they did, Simone.

Anyway, the morning after one party my sister, Mandy, and I got up first and went down to the kitchen looking for some chocolate milk. My mom must have heard us because she soon followed with my dad. I’m pretty sure they were hung over.

For some reason the kitchen table was either taken to the basement or dismantled. Maybe it wasn’t but I distinctly remember us having our breakfast on the floor, Mandy and I sitting on either side of mom and dad. Mom cooked up eggs and toast and bacon. As we were eating, while I was talking about Michael Jackson, while Mandy, giggling, stole my mom’s bacon, my dad kissed my mom. On the lips. For three seconds. I just stared at them. I had never seen them kiss before. I never saw it again.

I could say that perhaps everyone gets nostalgic when they turn 30. However, I think about that all the time.

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