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Thursday, September 08, 2005
So, about two minutes ago I had to call up our printer and tell him that we are shopping out job around to other printers. Man, was that depressing. He has this sad guy voice. His words sound like they are being dragged over a cold empty parking lot.

He was in total shock and talked to me like I had just driven a steak into his chest. You see, he is getting married on the 1st and the hurricane makes the paper harder to get, in the face of all that, they wont up their pricing to us?

He was also upset that I didn’t tell him before I asked other printers for quotes. Now this, he made a big deal about. So, I asked him “Have there been wild rumours flying around the printer social circles that we will be changing printers? Have you heard through the pulp and paper vine that we are gonna leave you?”

He hadn’t, printers aren’t very social and like megalomaniac rock stars they loathe the success of others in the same business. It is their life’s goal to steal business from others. At my last job, the guy from the printer used to bring my boss expensive cigars. If anything went wrong he would come by personally to break the news.

Clearly this guy is not above guilt when it comes to keeping a client. Grasp every straw my friend.

In all honesty, I am not a hard nose businesswoman. Yes, I am all about the bottom line, but if I have to I cut this printer loose, I will feel bad. I will feel sad. I mean, the guy is getting married on the first.

On the up side it gives me the chance to send a really funny e-card. Congratulations on the wedding! And now for the bad news!

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