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Thursday, September 01, 2005
So, Babette is really pissed at me because I refused to make her a latte. I have explained to her that lattes, which have become my favourite mid afternoon work-from-home snack, are simply not suitable for young growing cats. I told her that, but it didn’t stop her from jumping up to the counter to get to the espresso tin. Very badly behaved.

I need this afternoon pick-me-up. Tonight I will be going to the opening night of the Funk ‘n Soul Festival. Good times. It may actually take me out of my house every night for a ten day period. I have no idea what I am going to wear. Due to that damn Amerie video for “1 Thing” (I watched it on the special features section of the “Hitch” DVD) I feel like less of a woman.

Oh if only I were a Hip Hop/R&B diva. It is my next life goal. I think it is almost reachable. Ok perhaps the main diva is out of reach, but I would settle for “background dancer diva” or “crowd diva” or “girlfriend diva.” I mean I could go to the gym and build up the physical stamina to dance hard-core to the latest Hip Hop groves. I could hit the Bobby Brown make up counter to get the supplies I need. And really, my hair is already fabulous. It’s just the commitment.

I like physical fitness, but I have been lazy this summer. That’s OK once in a while. And I can’t be bothered to put on make up every morning (although, my love for make up grows and blossoms each day). And sometimes, I’d rather have a simple glass of wine instead of Kristal. Is that so wrong?

I do know that I will be wearing comfortable shoes, because I’m gonna dance tonight.

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