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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
So, I went downstairs, to the café downstairs and across the street for a cup of mint tea. I was really in the mood for it but now it is totally undrinkable. It is making me sick to my stomach and I think my head is starting to hurt.

Really, this is my fault. Why oh why would I drink this tea? The Sir Thomas Lipton people have this strange belief that chamomile is great in huge quantities in herbal tea of all description. Guess what, chamomile is a frickin’ ragweed and a lot of people are allergic to it. Now, I thought that perhaps I was over reacting to the presence of chamomile but today clinches it. I can’t finish it. The tea is more ragweed than mint (which may also be a weed – I don’t know, I’m no horticulturist) and now I wanna barf.

Thank you Sir Thomas Lipton for making my tea drinking experience a bad one.

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