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Wednesday, September 07, 2005
So, last night I was watching the CBC labour dispute news. They reported on Celine Dion’s breakdown on Larry King Live. It was killer. I laughed pretty hard. This morning my coworker pulled up the clip on the internet, I know she was being 100% sincere and I also know that she is expressing the same frustration felt by people all over North America – well, people other that those in US federal government - but my God did it make me laugh. Especially at the end when she is sobbing and Larry asks her to sing a song and she gets into performance mode, more than she already was. Killed me.

A couple days ago I was watching BBC news and the correspondent asked Kofi Annon if he was surprised that a superpower like the US could fall victim to this kind of disaster. He was surprised. I guess the thought that the great United States would bow to no power, not even a force of nature. I guess he meant that the US doesn’t experience extremes in weather like SE Asia, or the Caribbean but it came out funny.

I suppose he could have also meant that he didn’t expect to see such lawlessness among the population. I guess Kofi has never been to Louisiana. Law is a loose term in that state. I went to New Orleans and during the trip one of the locals told me not to trust the police to help you and for goodness sake, don’t find yourself alone with them. It was almost like the State’s lawlessness was a tourist attraction.

The poverty in those states (Alabama, Louisiana etc.) is of National Geographic proportion. The whole situation is a nightmare.

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