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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
So, last night I went to see a movie called Horologe Biologique. It is a Quebecois film. Let me tell you Quebec cinema is pretty advanced. It is a really good quality movie. Kind of middle of the road in terms of good or not good, but a solid piece of work if we are talking strictly production value. I am pretty sure Siskel, Ropert sand the late Ebert would all give it a ‘thumbs up.’

The movie starts out showing a bunch of cave men hanging out around the cave. They are basically doing nothing, just sitting around and roaring occasionally. Then a cave woman comes out and hands a cave baby to her corresponding cave man. He was cool with it. But, then the other cave guys notice that a herd of large game animal is passing by and they all get ready to go. However, the cave dude holding the baby can’t join them. He’s gotta watch the kid.

From here we launch into two hours of 30-something year old men dreading the onset of fatherhood. The main story is of three men all in different stages of procreativity. One guy has a baby, the other guy has a pregnant wife and one guy has a girlfriend who really wants to get pregnant but had an abortion last year.

Needless to say, I was there on a date. It was a little heavy for a date, I think we should have gone to see the documentary on the Chilean president instead. Yes, I think interviews with Fidel Castro and several Latin American revolutionaries would have been lighter.

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