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Friday, September 30, 2005
So, there is a municipal election in La Belle Ville. One of the candidates has come under fire because his campaign slogan is “Go.” It is too English. Although deemed “Legal” by the authorities there was a whole debate on the news about “Go.” On the CBC the reporter said, “Go, is actually an English word, but Quebecers have adopted it in their speech.” Then they interviewed a number of Francophone who all said that they have been using “Go” since they were children on sports teams “Go Go Go!”

However, if I were to base my vote on slogan only, the “Go Team” would come in a distant second to another team who captured me with one French phrase. I looked up and saw “Je te connais par coeur.” Say that out loud: “Je te connais par coeur, par coeur par coeur”

My god what a sentiment! How many people do you know by heart? How many people have you memorized? Can you predict someone’s actions based on your intrinsic understanding of them? Is there anyone you could draw a blue print of? Now imagine someone whispering that into your ear at key moments. Really, it would be game over. I’d surrender. I don’t know who that politician is mais, Il me connait par coeur. How can I say no to that?

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