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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
So, I finally did it. I made it to a gym to join. The gym is right up the street from my place, literally a three-minute walk away. It has been there for a while, but you get into a rhythm with the neigbourhood and I just never walked in that direction on the street before.

The gym is a costly venture. Especially when you factor in what I call the real costs. Shoes work out clothes, and bus tickets to get there all factor in (this is why my gym ALWAYS has to be near my house or office). When we did the calculation of how much the gym cost I looked at the woman and said, “That will all have to come directly out of my ice cream budget. “ If I were to just totally redirect the ice cream money to the gym I’ll probably save money.

Thankfully, I still have some ice cream in the freezer. There is also some ice cream in the bowl beside my laptop. Yum.

We did a fitness test because it has been a while since I was attending the gym on a regular basis. The trainer actually said, “Your run test is excellent.” It didn’t feel excellent. I know I am a better runner than that – well I had been in the past. So I asked him if he was sure. He said he was. Apparently I have an excellent run test. I am pretty sure they say that to make you feel good. But, I’ll take it.

Wish me luck.

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