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Monday, October 03, 2005
So, the inevitable has finally happened. But before I say what, I have to give you a bit of background. At chez moi I share a back terrace with my neighbours. On that same terrace I found the skinny Babette-the-cat who coned me into taking care of her. It is where I stand to socialize with both sets of neighbours. You can even use the terrace to kiss cute boys after the movies and before it gets too cold outside.

Anyway, this morning I stepped out of my shower and, as anyone who lives alone does, I walked through my apartment sans clothes looking for my lip balm, which normally stays in my purse, but this time was on my bookshelf.

As I replaced the lid on my lip balm and smack smack smacked my lips enjoying maximum hydration I looked up and there was my neighbour removing some of her washing from my laundry line. Thankfully, her back was to me, but who knows how long she was standing there. Also, she is one of these ‘discreet’ people. She could have totally seen me but I will never know. If it had been the other way around I would probably laugh out loud. Actually I’d scream or something. She would have jumped in shock snapping her face to me instinctively and we would be eye to eye. I am going to have to be more careful in the future.

Oh, here is a little update on little Babette. As earlier reported my coworker, Laura, took her home and she was blissfully living a far more comfortable life than I could have given her. In fact, I am secretly hoping Laura adopts me. However, her husband, Christof, began to suffer from the worst allergies known to man. I think what made them so bad is that he has no self-control. One look at Babette and he turned into a quivering sneezing mass of loving and refused to stop playing with her. The physical anguish was matched only by incredible emotional fulfillment. Very sweet.

However, as Christof’s suffering was epic, Laura finally had to put her foot down. She took Babette to the shelter. We both believed that someone would take her because she is really just ridiculously loveable. Laura called to check on her after a couple days and was informed that a medical check revealed an incurable infection. Babette was subsequently put down. R.I.P. Babette. In her last days she was adored.

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