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Sunday, October 16, 2005
So, I’ve been sick all weekend. It’s not so bad, the weather is crap. Now I am sitting on the floor of my apartment typing out my blog with a cup of coffee wondering if I should make it into work tomorrow.

Today is clearly sneeze day, for me and for the atmosphere. I am sneezing and spreading my germs all over the apartment in tiny spikes of spit shooting out of my mouth. I imagine they land on the ground or on a wall in the same way powder residue sprays out of a gun barrel when fired as illustrated by CSI. Outside there is rain being shot out of clouds, all sharp and sparse. It is the kind of rain that makes the tic tic tic sound rather than the sounds that plump raindrops make. That’s more of a plap plap plap. Tic tic tic, Plap plap plap, tic tic tic, I’m losing my mind.

My light to moderate cold, the howling wind and the tic tic tic rain are convincing me to stay inside all day, but there is a problem with that. I am running out of coffee and today I used my last coffee filter. If I am too sick to make it into the office tomorrow, I will need coffee and filters for tomorrow morning.

My brain is at an impasse. Should I haul it to the market to get the coffee and filters, and oh yeah, enough food make lunch and dinner. Or should I stay home and watch “Les Invasions Barbares”* while I finish the scarf I am making.

If I go to the market I can also pop by the yarn store and pick up the pattern and the yarn for a matching hat I want to make. I realize that I will have to wear a hat during the Montreal winter but I know that I will not be able to buy one that will adequately protect my head without maiming my hair. So, I have decided to make one.

OK, I gotta leave the house.

*“Les Invasions Barbares” is on my mind because Maximizer just saw it and she feels that you would miss some nuances of the film if you haven’t seen “Le Declin de L’Empire Americain”, made some 17 years before. I don’t know if I agree with that, but whatever. I wasn’t big on “Le Declin de Le’Empire Americain.” As Vijay says ‘There may well be people like that in the world, but I don’t want to get to know them.’ I think “Les Invasions Barbares” stands on it’s own, and if you can protect yourself from Arcand’s immense masterbatory ego, it is probably best to do so (If I have offended any die-hard Denys Arcand fans, I don't care).

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